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  • The email address that you provide is for use in aiding you with the use of the site. It will not be sold or revealed to third parties. Some emails that are received at the discretion of the user (such as email notifications of replies to comments the user makes on the site) may contain texual ads to help support the costs of operating the servers. If the site is sold to another company, they will inherit this information. Don't worry, we hate spam, too. We're not gonna submit you to dealing with unwanted emails.
  • Lyric Talk tracks your site usage for statistical purposes, and to aid in dealing with problems and problematic users. Some of these stats may be displayed for public viewing (such as when you registered). Other stats are not displayed for public viewing, but may be used by moderators and administrators in order to help maintain the site and deal with problems (such as your IP address).
  • This site uses standard internet cookies to help maintain your sessions, preferences, and usage on the site. No personal information is kept in these cookies.
  • Advertisments on the site may place some cookies of their own on your computer. Talk to them about it.
  • Sorry, but we can't remove your information from the database, as it will mess up the integrity of our database. If this doesn't make sense to you, ask a database administrator to explain why. However, you can send us an email asking us to remove your email address from the database (though our backups can potentially still have this information in it).
  • If the police present us with a warrant for your information, we have to give it to them.
  • We may need to update this policy from time to time, without warning. If we change something that you don't agree with, send us an email to remove your email address from the database, and let the market forces do their thing.
That's it. It's a pretty simple policy, huh? We're not here to screw you over, just to provide you with a lyrics site that you can return to.

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