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  • Automated data mining or data submission on this site is strictly forbidden, though search engines with the purpose of directing people to this site may crawl the site for indexing purposes.
  • Users must behave in accordance with accepted societal practices and in accordiance with applicable laws. We'll determine what "accepted societal practices" means, but questionable behavior will get you warned. Clear attempts at trolling, spamming, posts made with blatantly hateful intent, or attempts to ruin the integrity of the site may get you banned immediately and without warning. Lyric Talk is supportive of the freedom of speech, but not the freedom to subject others to your constantantly moronic behavior, or your attempts to ruin the usability of the site for others.
  • Sorry, but you have to be 13 years old in order to register and post comments on the site. It's the law.
  • All comments you make belong to you, and comments others make belong to them. The administrators and site owners are not liable for what you or anyone else on the site says. Do we really have to say this? Apparently...
  • We can update these terms to clarify or refine our position on these terms as necessary (usually as a result of user-inspired misconduct) at any time and without telling you about it. Sorry, but that is standard operating procedure. If it really concerns you, check this page every time you use the site to make sure you're still within the guidelines. If we change something that you don't agree with, send us an email to remove your email address from the database, and let the market forces do their thing.
That's it. Don't be a moron, and we won't have any problems. Sound good? We thought so. If you don't agree to these terms, you're not allowed to use the site.

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