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Title: Whats new?    By: Pheonex
On: Tue., Sep. 2, 2008, 02:55 PM    (Rating: Average)
In my other post in the mostwanted thread, i didn't really find out whats new? So, whats happening in life? You most likely don't remember me from MW, but all anyway. I personally am in my first year of university now, doing legal studies. Ain't bad, but yeh it's a start hoping to do Law Post Grad after it. This site looks good, i actually never knew about it. You need to get advertising!!

Well anyway hope all is well, and hope you can turn MostWanted into an App and throw it onto Myspace and Facebook! Now that would be the shit, though im positive it would take much, work! However depending on the coding, i do have a friend in Melbourne uni (i think thats ranked number 7 in the world, mine La Trobe i beleive is 9) who is doing an IT subject, mainly geared towards coding so in that sense i may be able to get you some help if you need parts made up. Thats if you would ever consider turning mostwanted into an App that is.

Anyway check out MobWars on Facebook, and you'll see MW kills it!
Title: RE: Most Wanted    By: Pheonex
On: Tue., Sep. 2, 2008, 02:43 PM    (Rating: Average)
Hey Anth! You relise how hard it is to track you down? First i found Then from there i found a link to here lol.

Anyway, ill bring this up again, whens Most Wanted comming back, like a previous writer said, no other mafia game comes close.

Thing is, i survived fine without MostWanted, however, i recently jumped on facebook and joined in on an application game (with i beleieve hundreds of thousands of players, i think its on myspace to actually) called MobWars, now while playing this game i keep thinking "shit i wish i could do this, and i wish i could do that, and on MostWanted they had this" lol. Within the game you barely interact with other players, however they would still be making a KILLING of $.

My idea for you then, is to somehow using your *computer genous* created an application version of MostWanted and get it thrown up on Myspace and Facebook. As im fairly positive its not actually hard to get an app put up on facebook. This could also earn you a bit of $ if done right :). Either way, MostWanted should be brought back, and im positive it would get a good and new fan base :).

Join WEB2.0 and throw it on facebook! Let me know what you think :)
(Oh and yeh, i was an old player, used to be in Collective Daylight) shit that was along time ago..

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