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James Kim

Title: James Kim    By: Mad Max
On: Thu., Dec. 7, 2006, 02:39 AM    (Rating: Average)
The body of a San Francisco man who had walked into the Oregon wilderness to find help for his stranded family was found Wednesday. James Kim, 35, walked into the snowy Oregon mountains Saturday leaving his wife and two young daughters in the family car. They were rescued by searchers on Monday, but he never returned to their car.

I just wanted to pay tribute to this man. He gave his life to try and save his family. This guy is a true mordern day hero. A mans man if you will. They say the amount of ground he coverd in the time he did was un human and amazing. Clear to see he was determined to save his family if it took everylast once of being in his body.

James Kim.......................We solute you
Title: RE: James Kim    By: Anth
On: Fri., Dec. 8, 2006, 03:53 PM    (Rating: Average)
This was the guy that worked for CNet, right?
Title: RE: James Kim    By: Mad Max
On: Fri., Dec. 8, 2006, 09:50 PM    (Rating: Average)
Yep, Thats him

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