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Comments Upgrade!

Title: Comments Upgrade!    By: Anth
On: Sun., Mar. 16, 2008, 05:57 PM    (Rating: Average)
The comment system has been upgraded to version + 1. Or thereabouts.

The new features include:
-- The top 25 highest rated comments are shown by default in the thread. The rest of the comments only show the comment header. Clicking the title link will expand the comment text if it is hidden. Coming soon to a feature near you: being able to set in your preferences how many comments that you want displayed by default in any given comment section.

-- In addition to the top 25 comments in a thread being displayed by default, comments are now sorted by ranking as well, with higher ranking comments getting pushed higher on the page. This means that for any given thread, the highest rated comments at the top level will be ordered first. For any replies that a given comment receives, the replies will then be sorted by rating as well, where the highest rated replies are listed first.

The comment sorting feature, I realize, goes against the grain of the more traditional comment sorting of sites of the internets (which usually only sort in chronological or reverse-chronological order only), but I feel that this change will help provide incentive for users to post quality comments on song lyrics and in forum threads, by rewarding them for doing so. This takes comment quality one step farther than, say, digg or slashdot, by catering to the viewer not only by hiding low-rated comments, but by pushing them down on the page so that you don't have to scroll past them as well.

In addition to being able to set your preference on how many comments you want displayed by default, I should also be adding in a feature soon that allows you to completely hide the reply list to a given comment.


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